Battle of the cheapest internet plan - Converge ICT Fiber vs Globe DSL

I recently subscribed to Converge ICT FiberX plan and friends were asking how it was, how's the ping, how fast was it when browsing sites hosted in Asia, Europe, Americas etc and how it compared to my existing Globe DSL plan.

So I hooked up my laptop to a LAN cable, connected it directly to the router and did a speedtest
One for Converge ICT Fiber (P1500/month plan - 25Mbps download, 25Mbps upload, no data cap) ​ Another for Globe DSL (P1299/month plan - 10Mbps download, 1Mbps upload, 100GB cap per month)
Converge attained about 96% of the advertised download speed, Globe DSL, on the other hand, was a looong way off.


This test won't suffice, it's highly possible that the speed is achieved only on the last mile connection - between my home up to the nearest speedtest server, in my case just a few kilometers away.

Will that speed be attained when the servers are farther away like on the other side of the planet?
To test this, I used iperf3, it's a tool for measuring …
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